A marathon, not a sprint.

Golf Coaching & Instruction

A marathon,
not a sprint.

Golf Coaching & Instruction

Circle 18 Scoring Clinic

A unique approach to practicing, thinking & playing.

This informative clinic provides golfers a clear strategy to immediately improve scoring.

  • Learn Key Practice Strategies
    Improving scoring shots, consistency & versatility
  • Understand & Employ Course Management
    Maximizing scoring opportunities, minimizing bad holes
  • Cultivate a Strong Mental Game
    Controlled focus, decision making & swing confidence

Course Includes:

  • 1 Hour Seminar
  • 1-2 Hours on the Practice Range

Golf Coaching

Helping golfers play better, improve scoring and understand concepts to do so.

  • Personalized Game Improvement Plan
  • Tournament Prep & Strategy
  • College Recruiting Process
  • Individual & Group Instruction
  • Short Game Intensive (using Blast® Golf Analytics)

Move your game to the next level.

The Story of the Logo

The Circle 18 logo was created by John Greavu, a golf coach and instructor, as a reminder for players to maintain ardent focus on every shot and manage their mental game for all 18 holes. Recognizing that golf is a continuous process and periodically a grueling rollercoaster of emotions, he affirms that in addition to a reliable swing, competitive golf requires mental toughness, intense concentration and unrelenting resilience.

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